Maturu Master of Gravity

Easter project of mine that uses parts from a variety of sets including Ultrabuild Joker, Danju, Tapsy, the Creator Monster Pod, and others.


I love it, especially the custom head
it adds a lot of character


It’s a really nice build, but the color scheme is rather flat, it could use another colour for contrast.

Thanks, the elves plant leaves came in handy.

Nice head design! I like the use of the 2.0 Hero core.

Well, I know Evo 2.0 is in there, because of the hero core.


The design of this is impressive. I like the head, and I’m sure it took a lot of work to figure it out. It’s always neat to see how you use minifig or obscure system parts to make textures.

Some thoughts for potential improvement:
(Point 1) I feel that the posing on this isn’t visually interesting. I’d love to see something more dynamic, like a slashing or spear thrusting pose. The photography and editing seems solid, but he’s kind of just standing there. I can see lots of articulation points, so I’m curious how they actually work together.

(Point 2) This is more to personal taste, but I’m not a big fan of monochrome color schemes. I feel that a contrast or accent color (or maybe just more black sections) would really help the the figure’s general appearance. I think your Onua figure does this well with the colors on the large animal pieces. Though, that’s more just my taste. Coloring has become something I pay a lot of attention to, and it is, in my opinion, just as important as the build itself.

(Point 3) How sturdy are those hands? The look really tiny. Though, I’m not sure how to work around that with minifig arms.

Great work! Keep it up!

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I really like the general shape! Especially the mask. I do think it could use a secondary color.

I really like that head there.

The head looks really cool but I think that there’s to much purple, maybe you should add a secondary color

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Yeah, I really agree

The two colors (gold and purple) compliment each other well, it give it a royal motif

He look super pissed.

Yeah he does. Looking back at this guy months later, the trapezius armor is too large and it makes him look like he has no neck. The forearms are also too skinny and boring looking. The legs are a tad too short or the torso is a tad too long. When I built my Artakha moc later, I compared his proportions to this guy as an example of what not to do.