Maybe we just finish the Marbled Patterns in Studio?

Okay… I’m not sure if this is the right board for the topic, so asking mods to move it appropriately in case there’s a better place, but, since it’s pretty much related to the topic of MOCcing, I felt like this would be the best place to post it

Yea yea yea, I know that some of you might want me to go away, but I still see bunch of people using stuff I created, and having some unfinished things on my drive tickles me the wrong way, so, for everyone who’s willing to give any help, I’m calling you out for help.

For some time past months I have been working on the new way to make marbled patterns in Studio - more convenient one and more accessible. It was left unfinished since I got out of contact with most of community, but I’m pushing it out here, and asking you to help, not for me, but for creative people of the community

This new method includes two components: making patterned parts and making pattern colors

For first, I have 4 masks done, here are studio model file links:
Noble Huna

All four are specially created parts, and this is specifically the part I need help with. Call out to anyone who has UV-unwrapping/texture paint skills. I need help with making bunch of unwraps for other parts, and black-white texture which would control the pattern (white for 1st color, black for 2nd).
Patterns can be packed into Studio files by simple two actions: converting part to the LDraw-UV format (easiest way is to use script, which I am not sure if I can apply because not sure how admins of board would see this, so I can DM it to you)
After that, you need to convert the texture to base64 (, and open model with text editor, in which put the following in a new line after 0 BFC CERTIFY CCW:

0 PE_TEX_INFO <texture converted to base64 with no triangle brackets>

It would make the patterned part file

2nd part are pattern colors. How it works, is making color that is controlled by the texture. Few examples (this is colorpack, and you need this to make it work): settings and definition
If you know how custom colors in studio work (there is a tutorial from Unpixelled on the topic), you know how to edit this thing. I can do this thing myself, but I’ll appreciate any color combos that will be put out

And results look smth like this:

![Gavla|375x500, 50%]

I hope this thread will at least help some people out with making some marbling things


nice, these look really good

Your Studio mods have been invaluable to digital building. I was disappointed when it seemed your work would end here, so I’m glad you’re making this public. When I get the chance I’ll be thumbing around with this, and I hope others do too.


Thanks for the info, this is really useful. Might have to have a play around with this. Really appreciate the work.