Mecha skull

sorry theres only one picture dudes, been busy lately


“You have faced my minions hero, but now you fight me! Prepare to feel the wrath of EL TORO!”


White and trans orange look pretty cool together. The MOC is neat, too.

Is that quote from Mission: Von Nebula?

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No. I just made it up.

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I really thought it came from there :dizzy_face:

Looks awesome! As simple as they are, I really like the horns. The little tusks poking out the mouth look great too :slight_smile:

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Love that color scheme, a shame that torso doesn’t come in white or trans-orange.

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Torso feels as bit too short. But a great moc overall. Seems to have the athstetic of a mega man x or classic character. 9.3/10

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color makes me happy. i like the color

The way you made that torso is pretty cool too.

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He has the power of Kulta and anime on his side. screeching