Inspired by the character Mecha Godzilla, this android was designed to be the ultimate Toa Slayer.

The mask is 3D printed from Shapeways that I painted with Citadel brand paints.

I don’t love the white border around the eyes. But I felt like it needed some kind of detailing because the visor looked too plain with one solid color. I do like how the silver dry brushing looks on the rest of the mask though.

Edit: re-worked the legs a little bit to make them longer. Also went with the molded fists. I think he looks sleeker now.



Very cool! But I have one question: Where does that head come from?

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@BlackboltJohnson I really like the simplicity color scheme, I think it gives off the mecha-heartless-killer vibe you were going for., The body actually does look a little more complicated that normal, though it still looks great. Keep up the good work!


The color scheme isn’t really appealing, as in most of your MOCs, but this one’s still alright.

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The mask mask up half of the awesomeness but the athstetic is on point!

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Very good point. It’s way less colorful than my usual fare.

But for this I was going for a plain, metallic looking color scheme. After all the inspiration for this guy was Mecha Godzilla.


So uhhh, do I sense some super sentai influence here?

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