Mecha Zaktan

I made a moc of Zaktan compensating for his overall lack of protodites with a robotic body. :smile:
Sorry for the weird shadows. I was lacking natural light when I shot it, and the way my lamp is positioned cast shadows on the protruding bits.

I’m not going to clutter the topic up with pictures any further. If you want to see more, there’s a gallery here:

Before you tear this monstrosity to shreds with your unrelenting criticism, I figured that I’d share the story of how it came about. Recently I’ve been rereading the Bionicle Legends book series, and after that scene with the Piraka turned snakes in Downfall I came up with a cool idea. I decided that I wanted to make one of the Piraka with a robotic body to compensate for the lack of… limbs. I decided on Zaktan 'cuz he’s my favorite Piraka, but way into the building process(as I formulated my backstory) I looked up what happened to Zaktan. As it would turn out, I needed to revise my story a bit. So the revised story goes something more like this: After being scattered by the Sonic hum, Zaktan finally pulled himself together enough to function. Mata Nui’s life rays reversed his need to breathe water, but Zaktan still couldn’t recover the protodites lost to the golden skinned being’s creation. What was left was not much more than his head, spine, and a makeshift tail for the sake of mobility. He needed a new body. Fortunately or not, his powers remained intact, so it wasn’t too hard to “convince” a nearby settlement of Nynrah Ghosts to get to work on his powersuit. Their work was magnificent, and they even provided him with a new tri-bladed scissor. Regardless, it was not like Zaktan to leave any loose ends, so the unfortunate Matoran were the first to see their handiwork in action.

Alright, that’s all. Comments, constructive criticism, etc. is much appreciated. I’d like to know what I did right and what I didn’t. :smile:


I think it’s cool, with the simple and clean HF Bones used to good effect, and the mechanical feel coming across. Torso’s pretty epic, but the feet are kinda weird. I think they could be done with a different combination of feet pieces, or maybe lose one of the sets, either the HF or Piraka feet.


Oh! I forgot to explain the feet. I really wanted to use the Piraka feet, but the axle connection on one of them is broken, so I used the HF feet to connect them, but that’s kind of temporary. I’m still looking for another silver piraka foot to fix it.

love the beefed up zammor launcher

Great design and also the idea is cool.

Sick! Though I’m not too sure about the tail…

I want that for a set now.



That is absolutely beautiful. I love how it’s all silver and robot-y then he has the giant green head.

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I agree with Chronicler, that needs to be a set

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Cyber-@viper ?

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This is amazing! A very unique and cool concept, I kinda wish this actually happened, it sucked what happened to the Piraka XD.
In addition, you should read the books, I haven’t read downfall, but I’ve read all the 06 books recently, so many funny moments in them, even if they’re not intentionally funny.


Well, if Bionicle’s return is a continuation or a “far flung future” reboot, they may end up retconning the gold skinned being. In other words, who knows? Might be changed! :smiley:

dang this be good (gives thumbs up)

That Tri-Blade thing-a-ma-jig… it’s so awesome.


Viper making a Harry Potter reference. Don’t see that every day!

Maaan, didn’t you real the rules post? Spoilers aren’t allowed on these forums

Oh look.

A Chro.


A Chro? Are there more of me?
(Please tell me they didn’t escape…)


I thought spoilers were ok here as long as it has been 30 days since the source of the spoiler’s release. Even if that’s not the case, spoilers that have become such great memes are probably exceptions to the rule. Also,