Mechanical Dragon WIP

This is great!
I want to see it finished.

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So is the HF/Bionicle G2 Torso the bottom of the mouth? (If this is going to be finished)

At my first glance, I thought: “How is this T-rex standing up?”
But no! It’s an actual head!

This thing is amazing! I think the grey and multiple shades of sliver actually work here. It gives it a nice blend of shades so it isn’t one solid color.

Looks pretty good so far. :blush:

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Looks really amazing so far

seven months later

Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Yeah… It’s not gonna get finished =/ Sorry about that.
I was working on it but I got really stuck around the wings and legs, I just didn’t have enough pieces and I couldn’t think of a design to make. It’s now taken apart ;-;