Meerhk The Rahkshi commander

This moc is one I created for my own personal story, A former Toa Meerhk's memories were transfered into a krata. Now hellbent on killing Toa Meerhk has taken the body of a rahkshi commander.

I tried to make this using only parts I got off of a parts lot on eBay. (Except for the axles.


I like how tall he is

Thank you!

Might want to work on that lighting though

This guy has a lot of character good job

I agree with you, Note to self, don't take pictures of mocs at 1 in the morning in my basement.

Thank you!

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Ah I see I'm not the only one who's sleep schedule is messed up

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I guess that explain some of it's flaws.

Limbs are super lengthy and I don't like the look of the Vahki "staff" crossing each-other but you did attempt to put an ornament on his back.

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Tall ol' rhaksheee boi!

It could use some work, but he does look like a commander of some sort.

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I completely agree with you about the Legs, at points they can barely hold him up.