Mega man leak found

this may be the first leak on the boards that isn't a bionicle leak
i present to you the mega man universe king arthur leak

i will not tell where i found this or how
(this topic has no relation to the calling of fans of topic)
mega man universe was a planned game in the mega man series


Did you really just make a topic about the same thing that just got a topic closed? That's not going to end well.

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my mistake was naming the original topic "calling all fans of mega man"

Meh. I suppose this is something else maybe. I don't understand why people like posting leaks though...

Since this is about Mega Man, I think it'd make more sense for it to be in the Video Games category.


Interesting. I will not say that it is the most stellar thing ever, but interesting nonetheless.

Why Ryu is doing in a Mega Man Game?

you never heard about the three canceled mega man games?
like, maverick hunter:


I would've bought that game.

but what if it ended up like Bomberman for the X Box?

Not that there's anything wrong with a first person, modern Megaman...

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it was by the creators of metroid prime so, think again


I'm guessing the game play would've been fantastic, but the art style just doesn't feel "Mega-Many", similar to ,as said by @JMP, X-Bo[x]mberman

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with what Capcom is doing, it would've never worked out...

I think

Oh wait, how about if it went like the modern Bionic Commando?

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I saw Yuriofwind talk about this cancelled mega man game.