Megabloks pyrates

So I've been on a huge mega bloks pyrates hit since i remembered it existed a few weeks back and i thought "hay i wonder if there are any fans on the boards" so here i am (my favorite set was dread eyes phantom)
(And if this topic exists and i just couldn't find it apologies in advance. Same goes if its in the wrong category)


That's a heckin cool video from kulta's mix

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Heh, I remember these. I got a bunch of the characters, but somehow none of the sets.

I really liked this line when I was younger, pyrates is probably the main reason I'm such a massive fan of pirates.


Huh, never knew this line existed...

The only great thing to come out of Mega Bloks. I had that giant ghost ship, it was so rad

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Not even Halo?

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Personally not a fan of it, but i'm sure it's great to other people.

Halo didn't have musicals, a definite shortcoming.