Megaman Legends Discussion

Discuss the Megaman side series with the cancelled finale. Just to spark discussion, here's the trailer for the fan made 3rd game.

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We do?

We have a general Megaman topic, but, knowing nothing about Megaman, seems to be a different topic.

I'll let this pass, unless I am horribly misunderstanding the original post.

This is about a cancelled Megaman game being revived by fans. If you ask me, worthy of it's own topic.


How about we include general megaman legends stuff here?

Sounds good

Never tried Legends.
Classic, X, Zero, BN, but no Legends.
Looks like a lot of fun though.

I reccomend it!

Legends was always the weird one for me.

I didn't mind the characters or plot or anything, but something about it just put me off in some way, like it was too different from the rest of the series.

Never ended up finishing any game, but I'd hate to finish all the games and get left hanging.

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