Melding universe version of other Makuta powers?

It’s been stated that the Melding Makuta have Telekinesis instead of Darkness, and Courage instead of Fear, I think Peace instead of Anger, too. Following that trend, what would you say the replacement for Confusion would be? Clarity maybe? What, for that matter, about the replacements for Poison and Hunger?
Finally, do you consider Sleep and Slow to be negative enough to have a Melding opposite?

(Telekinesis wasn’t stated to be in the place of Darkness, just that they have the former but not the latter.)


The Rahkshi powers were stated to be inversions of the Matoran Principles, derived from the Three Virtues. Purity stands opposed to Poison, and Stamina opposed to Hunger.

Actually Prosperity is the opposite of Hunger. And how, pray tell, does one use that as a Makuta power?

As a one-man horn of plenty. Instant food multiplication. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though, honestly it probably does the inverse of hunger, it fufills all the needs of a given entity. Any food, energy, or power required.