Meltington's small Mocs

Hello everybody! I decided I would share my small mocs that ive built to expand my okoto characters. The protectors just arent enough! So lets get going shall we?

Harvali the researcher
The reason that the name is spoilered is becasue, at the time of this post, it would be a spoiler :stuck_out_tongue:. This character started out as just a jungle villager but after reading RoSS I just had to have a physical version.

Faceing off agains some skull spiders

Next up:
Visuna protector of…Fire?
So this guy came about becasue of an artist error in the graphic novel. Not very creative I know but I thought it was a neat idea.

Its abit different than normal Visuna but he still looks the part.

Next up the ice villager:
Ya I came up with that on the spot, just another villager to fill the shelves.

A lone villager wont last agianst so many skull spiders

Thats a pose full of fear just so ya know.
Next up the anchient…Mangus
A name also chosen on the spot, but this character has a bit more story.

This guy was pretty much the cartaker of Ekimu and Makuta as children, but died of old age. Then when the skull badies were brought back Mangus came with them.

Of course with his mask of skull spiders he can directly controll them.

It makes him a little brutal though…

Gotta have a Bro-fist with your grampa
Next up the evil:
Ya I just wanted a protector sized Makuta. While not exactly finished, he pretty much is.

I just need dat Umarak!

Quite the pose. But he is pretty much Ekimu…
Last but certainly not least…
So this guy is currently my self moc. Once a normal villager he was struck by lightning while being stung by a scorpio…and it gave strong elemental abilities.

He now wanders the land of Okoto protecting those in need, though he is not a protector…

He usually comes out on top though!

So thats all for now, give feedback all ya like and have a nice day!


these are neat! Keep up the good work!

the timing for this to happen :no_mouth:


cool MOCs though

Some cute 'lil things here.
Good Job…

Very nice!

Stan lee was here.

Thanks for the compliments guys!

nice but makuta’s purple was transparent

Ya but they dont have trans purple sise 3 shells…

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Wow! These are really impressive small MOCs. I really like your villager build. I actually got a few small MOCs myself, but I’ve never shared any though.

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Awesome ideas, though I think maybe the self-MOC should have a little more brown and even a slight touch of Trans-yellow for dat stone color scheme. :smile:

I would add more brown, but im saving my burnt orange for Uniter Pohatu :stuck_out_tongue:

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