Memories of Fusion

Considering that when beings fuse, their minds are combined into a new mind, what happens to the memories the fusion makes, after its mind is split back into its component beings? Are those memories just sort of split between each of them, so that none of them have the full memories of the fusion, and just half-memories?

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Given that singular minds are mostly able to retain informatation regarding a particular series of events, and that the fusion’s mind is primarily made up of those belonging to their component beings, I would assume that all involved in its creation would remember the time they spent united as much as they would’ve normally been able to, though the memories themselves would likely be from the fusion’s collective perspective instead of their natural one. So if Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua merged into Akamai to fend off a Manas Crab, all three would likely be able to recall the event later, even though the created memories themselves weren’t explicitly their own.
At least, that’s my understanding of it, anyway. I could totally be wrong.


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