Memories of Mata-Nui: Po-Wahi & Onu-Wahi

Here are the next two pieces I did for my Memories of Mata-Nui series: Po-Wahi and Onu-Wahi.

I was originally going to do a typical cave image for Onu-Wahi, but after looking up Onu-Wahi, I quite liked the look of the Papa Nihu Reef region, so I went with that.

Hope you enjoy!

Memories of Mata-Nui: Ko-Wahi
Flickr Album: Desktop Background-friendly versions


I might have to steal one of these and make it my desktop background… /s

they are actually very good tho


I updated the topic with a link to the Flickr album, which has desktop friendly versions :slight_smile:

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So nostalgic…

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These are beautiful! Amazing work.

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