Mental Shielding and illusions question

Does Mental Shielding save you from the Kraata power of illusions or illusions in general? Been wondering as it seems mental shielding sorta saves your from most psionic powers but telekinesis.

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Obviously I’m not Greg, but it seems to me that it would depend on whether or not the illusion is external to the mind. Illusions produced by hallucinations (or something similar that affects the structure of the brain), such as those that occur during LSD or mushroom trips, would probably be ineffective as an attack against one who can shield mentally. On the other hand, illusions that Takanuva can allegedly produce by bending and manipulating light would not have a direct effect on the mind and would thus probably be useful.

So… basically Emerald VS. Neo from RWBY?

I haven’t actually seen RWBY, but I trust that you’re probably right!

Basically, Emerald can cast complex Illusion that only a single person can see, while Neo can make less complex illusions that everyone can see, and when touched shatter into shards.

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