Merry midget, magnificent mannatee and keyblade

A three in one! (also sorry for the poor image quality)
well kind of, they are all pretty small so I thought there was no need to make a topic for each one
but lets get started!
Merry midget:
a creation originally made by @Ice I have sort of remade for the sake of having one!
poor guy lost his foot in the faction war...
he also carries around midget widgets! oh and he was cursed with arms that stay in place! Now he looks like he always wants hugs!

Magnificent mannatee!
ah this one is it all started at an attempt to make a rahi...

so I wanted to make a keyblade for my self moc cause why not

this is a shot of potay8o with the keyblade on his back
(also I didnt forget the chain, I was just dumb and took a picture without it in view)

group photo:

just a group photo with horrific image quality, I might take better pictures when I get a new camera and post it here

PS: in the photos the keyblade has those random grey pieces, those have been removed and replaced with black ones, I just forgot to do so when taking the pictures sorry


here is a merry midget bio
The merry midget:
a midget blessed with the ability of being permenatly merry, although cursed with super glued arms that make him look like he is always hugging someone, even though he is small (as his name implies) he is a formidable foe and was the leader of the merry midget army in the faction war, unfortunatly his poor little foot got blown up by an atomic bomb on his back he carries a widget, and he invented many a things such as:
the midget widgets
the boom bang machine
speed upgrades
the song buckle your pants
he also fights alongside his friends such as magnificent mannatee and ignis (aka potao) ((aka aka potay8o))
he also likes eating illumakuta souls!

I'm glad my creation gave inspiration to something. Right now I'm working on Merry Midget XL, which is, you guessed it, a giant version of the Merry Midget.

And now a poem by Ice

It all started in Merry Midget Land
The Merry midget got mud on his hand
The end

PS: We need to develop a world for all of these guys to live in.

Is beautiful

Wow the midget (or small person) is adorable.

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Those guys are pretty cool, but I have to say, I really like your Self-MOC!

@Nyran the merry midget brings joy and happiness to all

@ToaOfUltimateDoom like I said above

@Kretta Thanks!

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In Soviet Russia, Illumakuta soul eat YOU!

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lolol great