Mesidius T7: Tahu's Fire Battle Ship MOC

I have updated my preivous version of this MOC with some small improuvements, and I took better pictures of the MOC (which my brother posted before instead of me so the topic got closed). Sorry if the color is a little bit inconsistent, I used the parts I had. Hope you like it!

<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/6/5/65362e464b91f53ba5e6917062e4f96c51ce5a32.jpg" width=“690” height=“387”>


I think that the color scheme could use more red and orange… Also, I think it’s not really tahu’s style of vehicle, he’d more have a hoverboard or something.
the engine on the back is kinda iffy, and the orange drill piece on the front… well, I don’t know why that’s there.

Still needs a lot of work, but it’s certainly getting there.


Color scheme is all over the place
Gappy and hole-y technic shouldn’t be with smooth CCBS(unless covered, well at that)
I like the white parts but other parts aren’t all that good(to thin)
What i recommend is that you get rid of the blue and green, add more orange and silver too, and cover the technic holes(if you can)(tiles, plain system tiles)
Bulk up the cockpit
I would really like to see an improved version of this
I’d say this is a 7/10 MOC

Please, Please, give the vehicle a color scheme

This is gappy and has an inconsistent colour scheme. I can’t see many improvements from the original. Overall, I don’t really like it. 6/10.

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@SonicBionicleMaster and @controller_of_ice, I used the colors I had, not the colors that I wish I had.
And I could not make any more improvements, because this was a post with older pictures, since my brothers destroyed it because “I used all their parts”. I wish I kept it and updated it in the way you suggested…


i feel ya, people who dont get how much you value your creations, because they dont care

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