Meskii MOC/MOV

Welp, I have been lazy and some other personal life stuff got me away, buuuuuut, I now I have took some photograph of my take on Toa Junie’s secondary self MOC/character(?), Meskii!

Meskii © Toa Junie (MissMeskii)

MrBT version:

Original Version (Toa Junie’s):

More pics:

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Those legs are beautiful, it made me cry;-; /s
Love those legs though the proportions are stellar.

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I like how you connected the armor on the lower arms. Pretty cool!

I love the Piraka heads as high-heels they stick out a little, but I love to see pieces used in new ways! The armoring on her is nice, simple, and consistant. The head looks a little iffy, but that’s just my opinion.

I r8 “Hoagie/Grinder”


It looks awesome except you are stepping on the head of @Mesonak


Hm? Oh so that I copied it from him?


Awesome! love the weapons!

Or did he Kill two different @Mesonak and thought he needed some new Shoes @Random_great_being

He probably duplicates he @Mesonak heads

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