Mesonak, the Skeletal Bird

Ok, I'd like to preface this by saying that my camera isn't very good and my grammar isn't either.
But I hope you guys enjoy regardless.

A lonely Kewa bird flew over the jungles of Le-Koro in the search for something. He was hungry and tired from transporting two Matoran to and from several places on Mata Nui. He looked around the landscape to find what he was looking for. A cave in the middle of a hill. The Kewa flew towards it and entered the cave hoping that what he needed was in there. He walked down the cave for what seemed like ages, trying to ignore the growling in his stomach. The bird got to a chamber and hoped this was the place. As he entered, the first thing that he noticed was that there were several dozen, maybe more bodies that belonged to Matoran and maybe other beings.

"Yup this is the place." exclaimed the Kewa.

He proceeded farther into the chamber to find a skull in the other end of the chamber sitting on a pedestal.

"Yes, this is definitely the place."

As he approached the pedestal a voice came from nowhere, startling the Kewa.

The voice said "Who goes there?"The Kewa was barely able to respond, but managed to give a faint squawk. Then the cave spoke again.

"Ah, I see it's you. You took way to long to get here. Very well, here's how it'll go, I ask you a question, you answer and things will happen. Got it? Yes? No? Well it doesn't matter, you get the question anyways.
So bird, how's life and such?" The bird stared at the skull, confused at first, but then he began to remember the conversations that those Matoran had while he took them places. He searched his memory until he was certain he had the answer.

Then the bird said "A....A...Am....Amazin' rasin"

"Good job, 12/10, I can say with absolute certainty that you managed to answer the question correctly!" Responded the voice.Suddenly, the entire chamber began to glow and the bird felt his entire bird body go cold. The Kewa was blinded for a very long several seconds, but when the was able to see again the skull spoke.

"Rise Mesonak..."

"...The Skeletal Bird!"

If you haven't noticed already, the MOC and story is heavily insipred from TTV Episode 152. And before all you people criticize me, here are some more pictures.



Closer look at the side

Another look at the MOC

Ok, now you may criticize this MOC or whatever

Yes, yes before I forget, the obligatory @Mesonak to make sure that he sees this




The one with fake muscles. =p

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It's the legendary Skynak! PRAISE LORD SKYNAK!


I know This is more of a Joke MOC, but here we go.


  • Portrays bird look well
  • Gets all the Mesonak colors in there
  • Color Scheme is all sorts of wack(A.K.A Blame Meso)
  • Neck looks pretty bad
  • Random Bohrok teeth is Random
  • The Meso head is terrible (Again, blame Meso)
  • The top is a bit too bony
  • It is Mesonak as a Bird!

I would give this MOC an 8/10.
Besides a few nitpicks here and there, you did your job; make @Mesonak a bird and for that, a job well done.

Great Job! smiley

P.S. I would love to see a flock of TTV ;)


Thanks man, I appreciate it :smile:

That would be a great idea if it wasn't for the fact that I have a lack of pieces =p


Oh GOD WHY?!?!?

This is pretty good though. GG Oniwah stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

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I was bored and listening to episode 152 of the TTV podcast and then Mesonak was just like "I would be a skeletal bird" And then I was just like "Making that shouldn't be to hard or part consuming"

So I did it.

Thanks! :smile:




A wild Meso chicken appears.

It reminds me of a Ba from Egyptian mythology. (Basically the Ba is Egyptian equivalent of a disembodied spirit that looks like a human headed bird. If you've read The Kane Chronicles you know what I talking about.)

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This should be Messonak's real self-moc, he would be a black kiwi.


Beautiful, that's all I can say to describe this.

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It is like a vulture with Mesonak's head.

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Joke or not, I actually quite enjoy the build of this MoC. Ya did real good. That Piraka Skull though... I'm dead. XDD

Thank you very much! 13/10



@Onyx_ Wow just wow

@tahtorak That's actually really interesting

@Sciencegiraffe Totally!

@TheIgnikaKnight Thanks man! smile

@MiraculousPrime Huh... I'm surprised that I never noticed that when I was researching pictures of birds. =p

@Mesonak Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it blush


this is glorious

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