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How has your day been Meso?

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(A quick note: none of the following are joke-questions. I know that, soon, this topic [like so many others] will eventually be swamped with 'em, so I have decided to spare you.)

What is your favorite TV Show?
What is your favorite non-LEGO toyline (if you have one)?
What is your favorite movie?


Dear Meso,

What is the purpose of the TTV Q/A topic with the recent insurgence of all these TTV AMAs?


Why did you jump on this band wagon?
What are your thoughts on the summer 2015 Bionicle sets?
What is your favorite Lego line other than Bionicle and HF?


What do you think of bionicle 2015 and it’s sets?

What do you think of the Miru? :laughing:

What are your individual opinions on all of the TTV cast members?

Why do you like skulls so much?

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@Oonie Schway. Been trying to do GTA heists and failing due to lack of people.

@Marendex_T17 1. I don’t really have one. I don’t watch nearly as many shows or movies as others do so I have limited frame of reference when comparing things. I really like Agents of Shield…? So that’s a thing.
2. Don’t have one.
3. Again, limited frame of reference. Probably Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

@Political_Slime These are intended to be temporary, the Q&A topic is permanent. Plus this is more focused on us as individuals.

@miraculousprime 1. IDK
2. I naturally love them because skeletons
3. Without a doubt, Ninjago.

@RECspiriah Without a doubt, my favorite CCBS line thus far. Its sets are extraordinary, their pieces are spectacular, and their overall presence is exemplary. Every single wave from this point on will feel worse in comparison solely because these are so good.




Good to know! Thanks for the response! I have a another question here.

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@Corex11 -It’s a dumb mask.

-They’re cool and such. I’m going to delay in answering this question so I can build a little suspense first (and to not follow trends).

-Because I’m super gritty and edgy.

@miraculousprime We always have ideas for new shows. The TTV Idea Machine is one of our strongest assets. We’re going to actually attempt to follow through on some shows we’ve promised before necessarily embarking on new ones, though. SOME CONFIRMED STUFF YOU CAN EXPECT IN THE FUTURE:

-MeNOG with Meso
-VNOG with Meso
-Glatorian Arena with Meso (maybe)
-Takuma’s RPG Series
-BioCraft Chronicles
-TTV On Air
-History of BIONICLE



On a podcast you said you used the piraka head on your self moc because of lack of skulls. Have you ever considered using the witch docter head?


In that vein, do you plan on making an updated MOC with perhaps a BIONICLE 2015 skull mask? (Although I do admit the Skakdi skull is quite iconic. I can’t look at a bare-Skakdi-skulled MOC without thinking of you)

Cool. Thanks. One thing that I really hate being is left in the dark, so thanks! :smile:

Hi, Meso!
Why the bird in MNOG sometimes asks to feed it, sometimes don’t?
And, is that truth that Heaven looks something like dancing, playing music Le-Matorans?

What is your favorite Koro on Mata Nui?

Do you like waffles?
Do you like pancakes?
Do you like French toast?
Can you wait to get a mouth full?


RIP In Peace.

How long do you think it will take for Var to jump on the bandwagon of the AMA Topics, making the old Ask TTV Topic truly dead?


Why did you chose a skull for your face?

I think he already answered that.

EDIT: No, not yet. But he did say why he likes skulls so much.

If you had made your selfMOC in 2005 or earlier, what mask would he have used?

Or alternatively, what post-BIONICLE G1 helmet would he use if he was made then?

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