Message Board bug: Board does not auto-update

I mainly created this topic to report a bug that I found with the messange boards: the boards do not auto-update posts unless you refresh the page. This makes the Latest page not really update with the latest ptosts unless you refresh the page. I don't know if this is a problem with the Desktop version, but it is a problem with the Mobile version.

I didn't know where else to post this but here. Mods, fell free to move this to the correct subforum


Hi Bitl. We're currently looking into it, as it may not be a bug, but just a part of the mobile version, we'll get back to you on it.

Moved to Site


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Thanks! Hope to see this fixed soon, it kinda annoys me a little bit.

You know, back in my day we had to refresh the page to see updates. =P

It's most likely just how the mobile version is. It's not a foreign concept for mobile sites to not carry the same features as the desktop version.

What Mobile device are you using? Just to let the mods know, I've been using an iPhone most of the time to reach the message boards, and I have actually seen a thread auto-update itself with new posts whilst I've been reading the old ones, without me refreshing it at all. So maybe the problem is more local, perhaps to a specific device, or maybe even a home network depending on your internet speed.

I actually am browsing the forums using my tablet. (Using Dolphin Browser.)

Also, I noticed before I posted this topic that if you are posting/editing a reply, the topic would auto-update.

Edit: I just noticed that the "new" section auto-updated so I guess that works now. For some reason however when you post a reply in the mobile version and then edit it, the reply does not auto-update with the text of the edited post. Instead it has the text of the previous post.