Metal Gear Ray WIP (Head)

This is the first part off a new MOC I am trying to make which will probably take sometime, though I did manage to get his head done. My favorite of the gears from the aforementioned series.

Side-ish view (if that's even a word)

Front view

Plates opened (need to replace that blue piece)

Cockpit, one of my favorite parts of this WIP

Sideview, probably my least favorite view of the WIP because that piece coming off the back of the head doesn't flow as nicely as I would have liked it to.



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Very interesting. I await more.

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Metal gearrrrr

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Seems accurate but it feels like the center should be orange to represent the heat beam.

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When you finish MGR, you must make a raiden minifigure go against it MGRR style! RULES OF NATURE!


my sigfig may as well be Raiden

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