Metalios Toa of steel (Hordika)UPDATE

(Note: work in progress, please leave ideas for improvement.)
This is a Toa of steel I am currently working on. I would like some input on what to improve and make better. Through building time I will name him and give him a backstory as well.


Interesting, maybe add more chains.

I’m sure that will give him an edge in battle!

######k ill go


As you can see he has more chains. Any critics

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I’m not going to lie, this doesn’t remind me of a Toa. But other than that, it looks good if a bit simple.

Is it the mask? I do want to Dwight the mask up…

That, and he just has a certain look to him. I can’t quite put my finger on it though.

Give him some chest armor.

Here is what I got

@Doot.r I think I am going for a more mutation hordika-ish look.

Alright, well it can definitely pull that look off. That chest armor does help.

Yeah any ideas?

Lower the shoulders and add large pauldrons similar to kopaka-15(though probably use a different shell), I think that would help with the brutish look you’re going for.

Firstly, remove the red ball joints on the gearbox. It really breaks the color scheme.
Second, I would recommend bigger feet, to help with the hordika look.
As for a name, Metalos sounds cool. (I’m bad with names)

Aside from a possible lack of specific parts and colors, is there a reason why one of his lower legs is light grey instead of black?

Ok I will see and just to clarify @Payinku you mean the upper shell kopaka g2 used on his legs, and I want the hunched brute look,
@Toa_Distraxx how about the clawed feet?
Also those will be changed I think I have some black sitting around.

@Timageness if you mean the shin armor both are the same color.

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I’d add a secondary colour so he looks a bit more alive and less like a totally robotic guy.

^^^ What he said.

I’d recommend orange (then again, maybe not :P)

Looks pretty cool. Really nice to see a Hordika MOC of all things, and I overall like the look of him. And that name DEMANDS attention.

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No, I mean the way his shoulders look, there are exposed ball joints on the chest anyway, put some size-1 or 2 bones on them and bulk up the shoulders with some paw shells.

I was actually referring to the light grey CCBS bone used for his lower left leg.
It’s visible in Pictures #1, 2, 4, and 6, but only slightly in 7 and 8.

Due to lack of finding the machting piece, it is hiding in my lego system bins…
@TheMightyObsidianDude and @SirIggs
I have gunmetal as secondary at the moment due to steel being a light grey so that would be his main color with gunmetal as secondary
@ThatchMac thanks if you look in the comments you will see the origin of the name.