Metru Nui Wars MOC - Toa Katli

Hello! This is Toa Katli, Toa of the Green (plantlife).

She is a toa who fought for Lihkan during the battle on Metru Nui. However, would it not make more sense to call it the Metru Nui War? (With so many deaths and all). (I also think that Toa killed in that battle; just saying…)

The rest of the bio is my “made up” stuff.
Katli is a toa who is part of the air division, being able to fly one of many strike airships ( I need to come up with a name (and a MOC)) for the Toa’s cause. If ever in need of ground combat, she equips herself with a modified (I haven’t come up with a name for it) elemental pistol.

Simple Inika build (with added waist articulation).

Action pose!

Another action pose! (ignore the date)


The gun can fold up and attach to the axle on her left leg (hence why there is asymmetry (and I didn’t have another of the piece on the right leg)).

Back shot

Chillin’ back at the toa base.
You can read about the other two MOCS Here:

She does have flaws though. From some angles the upper body has gaps. The upper body can also tilt over the weight of the arms. The blue pins connecting the “shoulders” to the arms also make it hard to pose the arms.

Sorry if the pictures are bad/blurry. I will add new ones if asked.

This is my first good female MOC, but I am happy with it! Constructive criticism is welcome as well are comments! Thank you for looking! Bye!


The build is good. Nothing to write home about, but the colour scheme is well distributed and the posing and articulation are excellent. She looks well suited for stop-motion animation.

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I like it.
Did she participate in the Lego Wars?

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Noice. Ive got a soft spot for that mask.

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Nothing too special, although gives off sick Mirrors Edge vibes.

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looks pretty good, but I have to ask… how would an elemental gun work for a toa of the green (plants)

######does it shoot seeds or something?

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Like this?


photosynthesis lasers…

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It’s a bit basic, but it’s an okay moc

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I enjoy it. The colors are pleasing to my eye.


This is really cool, I like that colours, and it’s always nice to see a Toa of Plantlife. :slight_smile: