Midak potentially another amnesiac Matoran of Light?

Yes, Midak. Our favorite eccentric Onu-Matoran who just loves spending his days in the sunlight, unlike his underground friends.

You might strike this little quirk of his as just it, a quirk of personality. And he also displayed the same properties as the rest of Onu-Matoran (at least according to Biosector), unlike Takua.

But on the other hand, did we see a lot of eccentric matoran from other tribes like Midak? I don’t think so. You can say Krakua, but he was destined to become a Toa. Was Midak destined? We’ll never know. But as far as we know, no, he did not.

Also, it was never stated how many Matoran of Light has been sent to Metru Nui during the Time Slip, so it’s safe to assume that it may have not been just one - Takua. Both of them displayed behaviors not typical to their respective adoptive tribes (with Takua being more of an oddball than Midak).

So, given his unusual attraction to the light, and overall eccentricity, I ask: do you think it is a plausible theory? Do you think Midak would fit the “amnesiac Av-Matoran” bill?

Several of my friends have found this idea to be very compelling.


It would be even more fitting in a way, considering the Midak Skyblasters were named after this potential Av-Matoran, the first wave blaster of the year which introduced the Av-Matoran themselves.


Still waiting for an answer


My issue is that if you are going to scatter Av-Matoran around, why would you stick multiple ones in the same place?


It’s as good a logic as any other. Besides, while Takua was goofing around on the surface, Midak was holed up in the Archives. Two are not a crowd in these circumstances.

And Midak could have been a back-up in case Takua have failed to obtain Mask of Light.

Plus, Metru Nui seemed like a nice place to live, I hope the order of mata nui cares about matoran welfare

Not only that, but Metru Nui is literally the most important part of the Matoran Universe, if we do not count Karda Nui.

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I would agree with this. Given that the city was literally the most important place in the MU, the OOMN probably surmised that it wouldn’t be attacked that often (they’d be wrong, of course, but it’s a logical assumption). Why put multiple AV-Matoran in an untamed, potentially dangerous place when you have an isolated, secure city where they can easily blend in and stay safe?

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On the other hand, if they were worried about the Makuta, they had to know they would be targeting Metru Nui since it was, as you say, a very important site. So putting extra Av-Matoran there who were not aware of their identity just put them in peril.

Maybe Midak arrived in metru nui from another land?

I wish I had friends who cared about Bionicle

I guess there’s one

Following your logic, putting any Av-Matoran there is to “just put them in peril” because the Makuta will try to take the city over anyway, and he, being the villainous mastermind we all know and like, would’ve discovered sooner or later.
So one “sleeper” Av-matoran more, one less - no difference at all.