Midg- mini nyran the moc

Here is midge- mini @Nyran , he is small
He is also based of the protectors, so whatevs


Not bad. Really like the custom head design.

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I definitely see the protector influence.....nice work!


Cool little build. Has a nice flow to it.

Hmm, I like it overall, but I think different, maybe wider feet would look better on this MOC, and also while I like the whole one-shoulder pad idea, I think just with how the design is it may look better with two.

Otherwise I really like it, thanks Potao.


I only have one of those in silver
And the feet will be changed when I get those protector feet in silver

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I think it's kinda funny that he has Vladek's visor. XD But yeah, neat MOC.


well if you wanted to be accurate to how you would actually wear armour, it should be on the other shoulder, facing the enemy, because your left shoulder would face forward if you held it in your right hand.
(thank you linkara.)

I'm left handed, IRL,so.....



then the lance is in the wrong hand.

Just moved it..
I didnt know so whatevs



No Kakama 0/10 /s

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My kakama is silver, and as such, rare.

I like to imagine In-Story, that these AU Nyrans all have Kakamas that are merely forged in a different shape.


The power of sarcasm compels you.

Have you ever heard the phrase: "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit" by any chance?

Uh, anyway, I merely pointed out my prior fact because the comment of yours reminded me of my little headcanon.

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I'm from New England. Sarcasm is required here.

That little fact was interesting though.

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