Midgard Ormen


Um, what exactly is the title supposed to say?

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Midgard ormen is his name

Fixed Title to prevent confusion - BioSquire

That still work for you?


yes it does

This guy looks great! Done in a style I’ve never seen before. I really dig it man!

I like the torso design. Don’t think the heads fits too well.

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I really like the torso build on this.

The design is really cool!

I´ve had a slight interest in beasts of norse mythology and I don´t know if the name fits here. could you explain your choice of name cause i see no correlation between this and Jörmungandr.

I´d suggest adding more snake like elements to this moc to make the name fit. perhaps a tail

Why is he called Midgard Ormen, though?
It means “the worm of Midgard”. He doesn’t really look like a worm to me.

Looks like something out of Muspelheim.

Ormen is swedish and means snake.

I put it through google translate. according to it orm means worm in Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic.

it is swedish

expected more thor
In all seriousness, it llooks good, but could use a different head.