Midgewater Marshes

This is one of the more obscure places in Middle Earth.
The Midgewater marshes are an area near the city of Bree. It’s basically a big swamp.
Inside it, you’ve got giant Sickle-Flies, goblins, giant spiders, and giant burrowing beetle things called Neeker-Beekers.
It’s not a fun place.
So here’s a moc of a minstrel named Guillen fighting off a sickle-fly.


i can’t tell if it’s a spell or a cantrip

For a minute I thought that this was the Dead Marshes before they were, well, dead.

A neat little build, I like the insect.

”That’s got to be the greatest minstrel I’ve ever seen.”


Looks nice. The baseplates are well made. But… It’s pretty odd to see that elf with… a guitar and flames. How did you even stick the fire pieces together?

They’re the old type with the pegs.

Almost looks like it was designed for brickonicle not lord of the wings

Good fly and great detail in the marsh.

Well, it’s a minstrel, or a bard, if you will.
They have some magic attacks, and they use instruments. I don’t have anything other than a guitar, so…[quote=“Bloodarchmage, post:2, topic:49337, full:true”]
i can’t tell if it’s a spell or a cantrip

Cantrip, technically. All the skills are useable forever, unless you get rid of them.

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