Mikara The Convict Of Kitan and Shadow Toa Trengot

“Rules Were Created So That They Can Be Broken”
Mikara is a Rougue Toa who was put into Solitary of The Kitan Prison But She Escaped with the help of a spirit of a Shadow Toa Trengot. She is right now roaming free in the Kitan Empire

Front of Mikara

Back of Mikara

Front of Trengot

Back of Trengot

And a Pose in the style of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime Logo


More pictures would be great. :3

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@Booster_Gold Yay. It’s either an Inika Build Toa with some messed up arm or a hunk of CCBS next to a relaxing figure.


the rogue toa seems fine, if simple. The shadow toa seems like a beast. Is he a mutant or is it normal?

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Well you See i was Thinking of making A MOC with Inspiration of one of my Favourite ANIMES JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure so I went For the Idea of a Person Controlling a Spirit (STAND In the ANIME) and I Came up with A ■■■■■■ Female Toa in a Prison Cell (Such as Jotaro in the First Episode But he was a Guy) and Trengot who she Controls and she can Only see (Such as Star Platinum) and that’s how I got the Idea.

And about Trengot he was Halfway Transformed into a Makuta but he killed himself before he became one so that is why he looks Mutated


That sounds Pretty Cool. Can you Put some more Images of the MOC?

Here you go @squeaverking

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  • Definitely looks like a Toa who would defect from her team
  • Colo scheme is all over the place with two different shades of Dark Gray, Silver, and Black
  • The arms feel a bit generic without armor or a more complex design
  • I feel like the Blue/Red pins stick out a little too much.
  • Feels pretty unarmored

I would give it a 4/10.
I would recommend trying to keep to 2-3 colors and add a little more armor.


  • I like the idea of meshing CCBS with the classic system
  • Silver seems to stand out a little bit too much and also breaks the Black/Gunmetal Gray
  • The head feels too big and doesn’t really feel like one.
  • The open sockets on the sides of the arms are distracting and a bit odd
  • The Metru head could be filled up with an eye-stock.
  • The Gray hands seems out of place

I would give it an overall rating of a 3.5/10.

I am sorry if I came off too harsh. :pensive:

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Looks great :smile:

Looks ok, I would rate it a 6-

Never mind it’s a 11/10 each


sees the changes

you’ve done us proud @Whaddon

you’ve done beautiful

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title changed to reflect the contents properly

as for the MOCs, they seem basic. I don’t like the arms on Mikara, and the head on Trengot is extremely awkward.

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