Mikara The Expert With all things that go BANG! OR BOOM!


this is a Update of one of my Female Mocs and My now Favourite Rouge TOA Mikara
Can you guess the Inspiration and I Hope I Don't JINX you


FRONT I Know the Armour is low i will change that later


Her gun is Called Sparksinya 3 Triple Barrel Automatic

Gun which fires at a high rate your dead before she pulls the Trigger

This Small one is called Flaksoklakks a gun which can blast about a TOA In two (So Very Weak For Mikara)

and the Makeshift Rocket Luancher is called BADDABIGGABOOMA The Best Building Blaster EVER

I will Do the BIO and Backstory Later


Great Job! I love the silver mask used and all the weapons look great! Well I think they do these pictures arent the best quality. And even though you said you'd fix it the chest is very plain! I'd give this MOC a 8/10! I'd want this gal on my side of a battle!
PS: I REALLY want to know her backstory!!!!

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Plural's Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is consistent
  • Neck is too long
  • Don't like how the torso armor has open pin sockets
  • Legs are a bit too thin

I would give this MOC a 3/10.

Needs Alot of Work grimacing

I'm sorry if the criticism was to harsh.


Unless she Doesnt Open Fire on you First

and can anyone guess the Inspiration

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the motto of red faction guerrilla.

I agree with @Plural


Pictures are a bit blurry, so I'm just gonna go along with whatever @Plural said.

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The neck was a problem and it was the best I could've done

The pin sockets shall be fixed

And I under stand wat you mean I just couldn't find the other silver Piraka Leg

I want to see clearer pictures before I give my thoughts

I can't really see the weapons all too well, they're a bit blurry...