MikeEmeraldBlade's Self Moc

It's been a while since I was building MOCs. However, I decided to try and combine some gen1 parts with the new CCBS system and I came up with this. I hope whoever reads this can give me some feedback on improvements I can do, or what's good or bad, etc.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the great idea's and feedback, I hope to post more to get everyone's feedback because I hope sometime in the future for all these guys to come together.


I think this is pretty good. The neck is a bit long, silver add-ons on his wrists and shins looks out of place, and the shoulders need to be raised, but overall, pretty neat.


While I like the Knight's Kingdom helm, I can't but help think that the human face beneath is distracting/out of place.

While I know not off the top of my head, I do believe a custom head to wear it can be achieved.

Using the axle on the helmet and all.


I was thinking of painting the head a different color to show glowing eyes but I really don't know if I should do that...

Well, a custom build head could also help how awkwardly long his neck is.

'Cause yeah, like @Seto_Kaiba said, the neck and shoulders could stand to have less height between them.


Thanks for the help, I was thinking a custom head and torso would help the MOC overall


Amazing armor coverage, I can't see any gaps.
Great consistent colour scheme
Armor texture is consistent
Pulls off bulky rugged warrior look excellently

Upside down shoulder armor looks strange

Verdict: 9.8/10

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Thanks, I was planning on making another topic about a titan I made, just wondering if you guys can give feedback on that too.


Go for it! We love to tear MOCs apart! jk jk


Cool moc. I think his neck might be a little shorter to make it look more finished.

There is no "jk" here

I love to rip things to shreds

and the worst thing about that

is that I'm really good at it :3


Go ahead and check out my other MOC then
Here's the link: http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/mikeemeraldblades-bioformer-titan/7431/8

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Those legs are great! The neck makes him look a little lanky but if that's what you were going for than it worked.