Mine-imator Renders

These past few days, I've been hopping on Mine-imator and making some Minecraft renders of the Toa Tokawa, my friend @Spitfire's Toa team, which can be found here.

So, I said to myself, "hey, I should make more of these", and so I've decided to bring this over here and accept requests smiley

So yeah, uh, request some stuff already, but just make sure to send me a Minecraft skin to work with as well stuck_out_tongue


Aight, will need Minecraft skins tho stuck_out_tongue

Here's my skin, have him holding an iron sword and just doing a relaxed stance.

This is my reaction:


I wouldn't mind if you were to do a LoMN-themed render with my (handmade) Vakama skin.
My username is Vakama39 if you're interested.

I lost the crappy skins I had for nisgi a while back

ah, can you just use a lhikan skin?
Or even better
my current skin
of a potato

Is Minimator finally good? I've been working on preparing minecraft character rigs in another program because of the limitation of minimator.

I'll try my hand at a Nisgi skin later, possibly Ignis as well smile

EDIT: Currently starting work on @pot8o's, and later @Matoro's smiley

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You really like that gif, don't you?

(I love it)