Minecraft Server

So an acquaintance of mine recently made a minecraft server with a LOT of time put into it, and we were looking for a good community to join. I figured at least some of you may like it....anywho, here's a quick explanation, copied straight from the server listing:

"Welcome to a Minecraft experience like no other! The concept here is simple: you spawn in in a world with a large city and then wilderness. In this city, you can buy protected land, make shops, and buy items. However, upon leaving you are greeted by a harsh world dominated by factions where anything and everything is allowed. The server is hosted 24/7 with 99% uptime, friendly and helpful staff, and is guaranteed lag free. It also maintains a great small server feel. Join today!"

And with that out of the way, here's the subdomain: blazenetworkcitycraft.mcph.co

And here's the direct IP:

These aren't website links, they are what you put in your minecraft. Thanks!



Is this server for 1.8 or 1.7?

1.7.10, due to bukkit.

* fist pump *

I'll be sure to log on at some point. Faction PVP sounds appealing.

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Going to echo you here. Faction PVP isn't something I've done before and I'm interested.

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Might join. Same as one of my friends. We're liek so mlg 720 noscopes everyonez 666/1337


@Ekorak @Chro @Marendex_T17
Thanks guys! Hope to see you there smile

Ok, just want to state this outright-
As of right now through this post I have gotten a lot of traffic of people getting on, asking for mod, then logging off when not accepted. I want to say that until the server is larger, I will not be expanding my mod/admin base, so PLEASE STOP ASKING! If the only reason you join is for perms you aren't going to get anywhere. Thanks.

Ok, so those who have been on... what do you think? I need opinions to work on improving/changing aspects of the server, and your input is much appreciated.


This server still up?

It is.

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It is, but i'm still struggling to get players frowning, or at least ones who will stay.

Should be a bit better with more players, but I will admit myself that when it's dead it's no fun at all lol. Only time will work it's magic (I hope).

-sorry for the late reply-

I'll go on the server today.

I'll hop on sometime, maybe today if I get done with my work fast.

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I may be on the server in (hopefully) a couple of hours or so.

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it's an economy/plot server

It's a lot of things... lol. The main purpose is factions, with those things thrown in. For the most part the city is there so people at least have a small safe place to build and buy/sell items to make money, but the open world is free game...

Yeah, played on the survival part of the server for a while.
It was good to get back into normal survival after playing in UHC mode for so long.

However... I'm done. Again.

Minecraft physics are kinda dumb. You can place water on lava with no problem 99% of the time, but there's apparently a chance that you'll just, y'know, fall through the obsidian floor into lava and get trapped beneath the obsidian without a water source.
Anyway... server. I don't exactly understand why it takes five seconds to teleport. When I glitched into lava and tried to get out, it teleported me the split-second after I died, and I lost all my gear irretrievably. So that was fun.

Your server provided me with approximately five hours of entertainment. Thank you.


Sorry xD

The teleport delay is there to prevent people from getting out of bad situations or PvP, actually. Before it was active it was very exploited through PvP logging, etc.... so I apologize frowning

I was on today, and saw a creeper glitch through a wall.

Well thats not good.... lol.