Minecraft survival games community game day/night?

Is this happening right now? My username is Ranaki_Pakewa. Can you post the server address?

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So it officially begins!
You guys ready?
In a couple minutes I'll be posting what Lobby I'm in (Don't actually know if not being in the same Lobby effects parties though)

@Seto_Kaiba Server ip: mineplex.com

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Oh right, forgot about this

I'll be on, just tell me what Lobby smile

Everybody the lobby is 98

I'm not seeing a 98...

Also what's your IGN?

Ok I'm a noob so I don't know what that is but is it like when you put the Eu or na in the IP?

This is my first time on Mineplex.

Use the clock, and click on the stack of 47 iron blocks.

We will play there. Everyone alright with that?

In Game Name stuck_out_tongue

Also, you sure you're in Lobby 98? I only see like 50 servers...

I was in server 220, but I switched to 47 so we could all find eachother.

I am also is 47

Ok every one move to 47

I'm on.

We joined a survival games but I don't think you made it onto the server.. Sadly you'll have to wait till it ends...

Fine by me.

Might be able to get on in a hour'n'ahalf wink

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I think the party got broken frowning

Yeah. Let's use as 47 as our regroup room.

So more survival games? or do yopu guys want to play a mini game or something else?

anything works for me.

Mixed arcade would be coolio