Minethuselah's MOCs

Actually posting on Bionicle Day! Wow, Minethuselah, you’re finally on top of things… said no one ever.

I’ve been big on Bionicle for 3 years now. I know it’s not as much as some of you who have been fans of the series since it came out, but in that time I’ve made quite a few MOCs that I’m proud of (and some I’m ashamed of… not naming names but it’s called Paella). While I would have loved to have kept all of them to see how I’ve grown, my limited budget and part collection prevents me from doing so. As such, I’ve compiled a gallery of all the MOCs I have assembled at the moment.

A picture of all of them, displayed for best viewing purposes…

And then all of the old rivalries and friendships came out.

First up…

Minethuselah and “Blue”
That’s right, my self MOC changed. I’ve used a noble Ruru… I MEAN a reforged Mask of Emulation for a while now, but the very first Bionicle mask I got (with my own money) was the Huna. In fact, the earliest real Bionicle MOC I ever made used this mask, so it felt right to go back to it. It helps that it’s my favorite mask. The body is also redesigned to a close remake of the original body my self MOC had, back when I built it for a Bionicle band. The Vorox armor piece had always been a staple and the Nuva chestplate didn’t feel right.
As for “Blue,” she has been around for about as long as my self MOC, just with different sections now and then. She was also originally in my Bionicle band, but she used a noble Rau and played the saxophone. After I took apart the band, I kept “Blue” and my self MOC around for a long time (by that I mean about 2.5 years), slowly changing them until they ended up like this. “Blue’s” wrap is a custom felt strip that I just added, and the drawing she has is made by a very close friend of mine (Hello.bigfoot on Instagram)

Icarus and Zero
Named by that same friend (Hello.bigfoot, henceforth on this post “ZB,”), these two are (in my head) lovebirds, no pun intended. Icarus, the bird, is a pretty recent addition, inspired by the little Chima wings on the helmet. ZB said they would look good on a hat or someone’s shoes, so I took her advice and put them on a Chima Speedor piece. His mouth opens, too.
Zero is a bit older. She was built when I got a Poe Dameron figure in a consignment store and has an arm cannon because I ran out of black fingers.

Monroe and Atticus
Atticus, the green one, was really fun to build. I bought a bag of used parts in a thrift store and it had only one dark green Visorak foot, so I made that a peg leg for a Matoran and gave him a crutch. The cape and belt are custom, and I’m a bit proud of the holes on the back of the cape (they don’t show from the front but I can post more pictures if you’d like).
Monroe, the red one, was built about a day after Atticus so he wouldn’t be lonely as the only Matoran I have built. Now, they share a totally canon romantic relationSHIP (get it? because they’re pirates?). They were named by ZB who also gave me the idea to make them lovey-dovey pirates.

This guy doesn’t have a name. He started out as a matador and his pants were going to be blue but I didn’t have enough blue, so I made them red. He was fun to build but I don’t really know what I’m going to do with this guy.

Again, I don’t have a name for this one. She uses the torso that I showcased back on the MOC Instructions thread. She was actually the first intentionally female MOC I ever made, as you can probably tell I didn’t know what I was doing.

Good Guy and Bad Guy
Everyone’s favorite hodgepodges! Good Guy was built after I got a green eye stalk from BrickLink. I decided to do what seemingly everyone else has done and built a Good Guy revamp, trying to keep his goofy proportions and stature. I could not keep the hole in his chest, though.
Bad Guy was actually built before Good Guy. By 5 minutes. Both were assembled in the span of an hour, starting at 11:30pm and ending at 12:30am.

Lolrahk and “Green”
Lolrahk has been through the wringer. I’ve assembled and disassembled it so many times that I think I have the design memorized completely. Rahkshi 2010 was the first G1 Bionicle set I ever got so I kind of had to do something with it.
“Green” was the first and currently the only MOC I originally built in Stud.io before building it with physical bricks. I don’t think I’ll repeat the process because I ended up having to change his torso when I ordered the parts. He also does not have a name.

Solitarius and Muerteleus
You all know Solitarius. He hasn’t changed too much since I last posted him, other than his torso is now slimmed a bit (the Bohrok eyes that used to jut out are now on his back) and he has a tool belt.
Muerteleus is significantly older than Solitarius. The idea I have in my head is that they’re rivals and Solitarius is significantly better at creating Rahi than Meurteleus, leading to him hating Solitarius. Muerteleus was built for Halloween of 2021, I believe. The hood is custom but the cape is from Brain Attack Furno.

Catboy and Trench
Long story short for Catboy: I had some spare parts and saw Monopoly’s Catling gun, so I built the head from that (or at least shoved Bohrok eyes in the Nuva shoulder). ZB then said I should turn it into a cat, but specifically a catboy.
Trench is a weird one. I don’t know why I called him Trench. The head was inspired by WoofWoofKing on Scratch, and I have no clue why he has four arms. I think I got bored one day. I do quite like how he turned out, though.

Demon lady and Rocket Reindeer
Demon lady doesn’t have a name because I’m too lazy. And yes, those are Gazpacho’s wings. My bats are no longer living, but I like this creation more than Gazpacho so I’d say it’s worth it.
Rocket Reindeer is exactly what its name suggests. I also used to have a Santa-inspired Glatorian riding a snowboard that the reindeer pulled, evidenced by the clips on its back, but that Glatorian is no longer with us. Rocket Reindeer has gone through 2 iterations, the first one having four engines made of bricks that did not look very good.

Wilhem, Midget Child, and JF-MK100
These ones are special. A friend of mine (not ZB) made Wilhem when he found out I liked Bionicle. Fast forward a few weeks and ZB has started getting into Bionicle. She built a guy in BrickLink Studio but when all the parts arrived the dude was a bit frailer than she thought, so she disassembled him and used some of the parts to improve another MOC she made, and the rest of the parts to build Midget Child. She sent me a picture of all three of the creations: Wilhem (built by the other friend), Midget Child, and one that I don’t have here, Chingón. I remixed them a bit and added in a few details, resulting in the two MOCs on the left. They even have a backstory: Wilhem and Chingón are engaged and Midget Child is Wilhem’s son, but Wilhem has an alcohol problem so she cannot be the mother she wants. Chingón takes care of Midget child now while Wilhem gets back on track.
JF-MK100 is also tied to ZB. She and I were texting one night and I mentioned I didn’t know what to build, so she suggested some of the robots from a game called Portal. She also drew some of them in her style, and I in turn based JF-MK100 off of one of those drawings. She named it, with JF standing for Jeremy Fisher. The sticker on the body is just a label, nothing fancy.

That’s all the MOCs I have at the moment, with the exception of my primary Minethuselah MOC (the screenman one like what’s in my profile picture, not my Bionicle universe self MOC). I didn’t put detailed pictures here because there are already pictures of him elsewhere.

I really like a lot of these guys, and all of them have some sort of story attached to them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I can post break-down photos of any of them if you’re interested. Thank you for reading all this boring text, and happy Bionicle Day everybody!


Very good mocs! I’m glad to see my tradition of taking moc collection photos is starting to catch on lol


Heh, I just realized the fun of it. I’ve only done it once before and I had a significantly lower number of MOCs so it was so much less fun.


Wilhem has quite the face, I love it.


My favorite is trench
He looks like a mini mantax


wow, pretty cool seeing 15,000,000,000 bionicle mocs right next to each other


Dwaldron? Is that you? And yes it’s a bit more impressive in real life than in a picture. I’ve had to expand the shelves they sit on since this.


yes, it is me