Mini Lewa

About a year ago I needed to make a miniature version of Lewa for a video I was making. I wanted him to be much smaller then the average matoran MOC, so I didn’t have much room to work with. After much trial and error I finally came up with something that looked decent. I know it’s not the best, but hey, it gets the job done.

I apologize for the sub-par lighting, currently working with limited space.

(Yeah, he doesn’t look great from the back, open to suggestions if anyone can think of anything)


I can hear Eljay in the distance, “His feet are hands!”


I tried plenty of other things, but they all looked too big :P.

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You should make him some mini weapons- that would be brilliant!


Are, are those lime-green balljoints?


i would put the eye stock as lime green. Then I would replace the gray toa mata hands with black toa mata hands. Well then thats it. Now you might think that. “Well Das theres no pieces of 2004 matoran arms/limbs that are black or lime green.” Now I see your point. Just helping :wink: Oh yea nice moc!

Yes they are, got them from a Ninjago set.

The eyes are supposed to be red because in his backstory he’s of chaotic evil nature. I may see how the black hands look though. Thanks!

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Oh yea no problem. Like to help people to make their mocs better. And I see why the eyes are red thx! :smiley:

Awww. It so awesome. If I built it, I’d give him lime bohrok limbs for legs. Other than that it looks cool.

It’s baby Eljay! IT’S SO CUTE!


Cool but I think you should put Slicer feet on the hands he has as feet right now.
Not Skull Slicers feet btw… the old Slicer feet xD

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Interesting idea, but that would again make him taller then I need for the videos. I’m at max right now, I was hoping to go shorter.

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@LQ1998 good to know…

“blue pins!” eljay


This is awesome! I like small characters with wide feet. It looks like they just waddle around. :smiley:

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