"Mini" Minion (Shadowgear6335)

Shadowgear is by far my favorite Biotuber, and a bit of a mocing role model for me, and he’s overall just fun. So I thought, to show my appreciation for him, I’d make Minion in more of my style.

I wanted to translate him as best as I could into my style, the hips aren’t great, but their the acceptable for now.

Mini Minion weilds two blades to help him in combat.

Using his magnetic abilities, mini Minion can manipulate and form metal into objects to launch at his opponents.

Here’s a back shot.

“What’s up man?”

“You look really familiar…”

“Funny thing, my girlfriend is black and purple too.”


Good interpretation, manages to capture the general look of Minion well.


That’s what I aimed for. And thank you.

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-10/10, no Dragon head legs.

He’s pretty good! He 's really skinny in the stomach and hip area, maybe flesh that out a bit more.


Cute joke, but:

Toa Junie’s his fiance now!


I know, but that line worked better.


The crotch.

fix the crotch.

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Any solutions?

mata hand, and technic panels, for a skirt?

sorry, i know this in necroposting, but i feel like providing a solution.


He’s been gone for a long time.