Mini Partuka! (Matoran Self-moc)

So here we have a small little matoran. But it’s no random matoran, because it is me as a matoran. This idea was actually inspired by CallanLOF, as he had a self moc, and a matoran self moc. Anyways, here he is.

Well that’s it. Hope you enjoyed!


Nice moc. He looks nice and compact, but for some reason the head looks way oversized. It might just be the mask, though.

CallanLOF is cool. He was the first Biotuber I watched, even before I knew about TTV.

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This is an great matoran build. Feels like a Miramax-toran accurately translated into a toy form. Outstanding.


Nice and compact, Great work.

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This is fantastic. Getting a slight Hodor vibe here.

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Very well done! I love the shaping of the torso and legs especially. It’s textured, but not too much. And the builds are rather creative.

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Looks great! I love builds that include creative and non traditional techniques, and this does just that all over the place. I also really appreciate any small compact MOC that manages to be complex and look unique while still holding its form and looking clean, so this is a win win in my book. Nicely done!

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