Mini Skopio XV-1


It’s cute.


Cute! Can the treads move?

Yup! They’re a little stiff, but they do move. :slight_smile:


Absolutely adorable.

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HA! so cute! This is really creative, I really like it!

A: Does it transform?

B: I want one.

Oh this is adorable! I love it!

one smol boi

It actually surprises me how similar this thing is to the original, even tho it is like 20 times smaller.


Looks like a set that could have been a polybag or something that LEGO could have sold. Great MOC!

Awwwww, I want a whole army of these.

Aaaaaw… I mean… the build is great for what it is… but aaaawww :3

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This is really effective.

Some fly paper and mata nui will be on his way.

Adorably destructive. I like how the technic plates look like they give it eyes.

Aw man that’s adorable, I wanna see more mini-bonkles now

Pretty blown away by how good this scaled down. Like dang, great job!

very smol. do you have a little rider?