Mini Toa 2015

I made these a while ago, and only now do I feel confident enough to share them after tweaking them for months now. I present to you the miniature, cartoony Toa!

What I tried to do here was to incorporate the gearboxes on most of them, the exception being Gali, as well as give them the Protector aesthetic, with the exception being Onua. I also tried my best to incorporate the dual functions, for better or for worse. My personal favorites here are Pohatu and Kopaka. Let me know what you like about them!


I don't know man, something's off with them. They'd be alright, but somehow they don't seem as appealing...

still great-looking though.

Bah, these look great to me for what they're trying to be.
Although Gali's weapon could use a lil' work.


I may have forgotten to mention that I wanted them to look as if they were... cartoony...
That means sort of like the animations, with exaggerated proportions, weapons and what not. It's executed better on some rather than others, I think.

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These are pretty neat!

It probably help with minimizing shelf and piece usage, right?

How do you mean?

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They are small, so they take up less space and pieces than the full-sized ones, right?

Yes. Think of it this way: They're small enough to store, I get to have most of their parts from the original sets for more MOCs, and they are still taller than the Protectors. That, and now I feel like making smaller versions of the Skull villains. How I will do that to make them stand out from the Toa, I have no clue...

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I get the feeling that mini-Lewa has better neck articulation than regular Lewa...


Onya's chest is meh, but the rest are great.


Lel Ekimu builds.

Is Makuta symbolically/literally possessing the LOSS in the last one?

I do like that cartooney nature, and would say lewa, kopaka and tahu have the best builds, lewa probs being one of the best.

And that wip looks cool, but I would probably remove the loss face, because like
it looks like a centaur
but with a spider

Dawwwww these guys are so cuteeee!!! :3

For Onua, why didn't you take a regular shell and put a chest piece on that? I think that might have worked better.

I take issue with Onua, because his chestplate is not blank, but the rest looks pretty cute.

Here are some sweet little Toa. I like them!
I don't really like Onua's torso, but overall they're good.

Let's stay on topic, please.


Contrary to popular belief (or at least to what I've seen) I think that Onua's chest is done really well and creatively. I like the rest of them as well smile

These are . . . cool? The legs are a little long, but overall I like these a lot! Onua is the tallest, as he should be, so you get a thumbs up for that smiley

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The neck articulation is better, but not by much. It unfortunately still suffers from not being able to look up completely, but at least the head can move a little bit. I can say right now that Lewa was one of the hardest to pull off in this scale, with his set having the most distinct proportions and his weapons becoming rather heavy with the smaller arms.

For those who are thinking about using small arms with the new gearbox, I recommend using three saw-toothed gears on one arm rather than just two. It helps the figures maintain poses and hold larger weapons.

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