Minifig sized concept art of Toa Lewa [Concept]

No, seriously, the drawing is like 3 cm in high :wink:.

Anyway, I decided to go with a more minimalistic approach to the printing because I’ve honestly never liked super detailed minifigs that much. All the grey in the drawing is supposed to be the shiny silver Lego prints on minifigures.

Also I decided to add boomerangs to Lewa’s arsenal because they seemed to fit with the element of air quite nicely to me, and the scarf mantle thing is something I borrowed from some previous concept art from the podcast.

I know I’m not the greatest artist in the world, but I am fairly satisfied with the drawing.

Being Lewa concept art, I would be really interested in hearing @Eljay 's opinion on it.

Anyway C&C are welcomed.


The cape doesn’t suit Lewa for me since if he’s always jumping around in trees the cape would get in the way. However the rest of the concept is good, and his little boots look cool.


10/10 - has cape. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this a lot. Looks nice, and the concept of the cape/scarf turning into wings is a nice touch.

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I think it’s less of a cape and more of a “side-cowl”.

Cool concept, the wing morphing thing is interesting. The axe looks like a snake-head though

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@Rockho @jayzor17 @BBricks thanks everyone for the feedback!
The “cape” is indeed a shape shifting side cowl, that can transform into wings when he’s flying around or a scarf when not in use.