Minika Man

Say hello to Minika Man! I built him as a response to a particularly common moc found on MocPages and elsewhere, to show my personal artistic expression.

Evan Botkin from MocPages suggested shoulder armor, so he has some. One of them being an Inika face piece. I even added a ball joint so that he could have a hand, and one with articulation.

Another view, at an angle.

HawkFlight from MocPages suggested some Keetorange, so I made it into a shoulder cannon. Also, he has a life counter, one that doesn’t spin down.

Another pic, this time of the back. Right under the Inika face piece is a brown 1x2 Lego plate, in case you were wondering.

My other favorite thing I added was a heartlight.

Comment in the most “correct” grammar you can, and hope you enjoy!
For tomorrow’s post: Something slightly less colorful, but much more Freakish ,’). Until then, have a great day!


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