Minor Kulta and Ekimu Modifications

I got mask maker vs skull grinder today and fixed Kulta up a bit.

I put the max amount of grey gears on for more friction and I also lowered the torso armor. I filled the gaps in a bit too.

A put some back armor on Ekimu while I was at it.

One more thing. By putting the mask 1/2 a peg higher in between the pin and axel ports, the mask will stay put!

(Also, I put this in the Bionicle topic because it's not a revamp. It just focuses on making the sets a little better. If it should be in creative content feel free to move it)


I moved 11 posts to an existing topic: Mods To The New Sets


I found it works just fine the way it is.

In fact, I remove those friction things too--they made it too had to move his shoulders at all! You can't even move them out easily.

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Sorry gentlemen, but I do believe we already have a topic for this:

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