Minor Species: Thelktar

This is the first in a line of models, focused on introducing several minor powers into the MU.

as an example of the average member of the species, I present a male, physiologically about 21, with a small pistol.

Biology: Thelktari (Plural of Thelktar) are very similar to Toa, having elemental affiliation, and a similar body structure. Compared to Toa, Thelktari are a bit taller and their legs are usually thicker. Thelkari are significantly more organic, about 70%. They have limited Elemental powers, similar to Turaga in strength. They can use Kanohi, but only while it’s in their hand, because of this, most don’t use them in daily life. The most striking feature is their elaborate crests. This is the main way of telling a female from a male. Female crest are shorter and wider, while the male’s crests extend farther back from their head, and are narrower than the females. The more elaborate, and less space in the crest, the more attractive they are considered in Thelkari Society. Only the royal family have crests in gold.

Society: Thelkari society is very similar to modern western society. Every Thlkari is free to do what they wish, as long as it doesn’t negatively influence someone else. Their known for being peaceful in moderation, They don’t like to start wars, but when war is declared on them, they will not stop until they conquer their opponents. They then begin to rebuild the previously hostile society, bigger and better than they found it. Their government is a Monarchy, currently lead by the young queen Tulkari, who will be discussed farther down. One of the biggest taboos in their society is touching an others crest. You simply do not touch it unless in life or death situations. If you are convicted of a crime, your horns are cut down to the base, and you are considered a disgrace to society and to your family until they grow back.

technology: The Thulkari are at a similar tech level as Metru Nui, but in different level. Due to their more organic nature, their knowledge of preventive and corrective medicine is for more advanced than any other race in the MU. The Thulkari have also developed advanced prosthetic limbs, and many Thlkari who are whole and hale, get their body altered to increase their abilities. Their also one of the few races to have developed projectile launching weapons (guns). This is accomplished thanks to a technician named Hulakro, who developed the Proto-bullet. Hulkaro discovered the resonance frequency of crystalline protodermis. Using his discovery, he developed the Proto-bullet. The protobullet, is composed of two sections, a solid tip, and a crystalline base. When fired from a gun, inside the chamber, and a sonic beam of a precise frequency, causes the crystal to break, and shatter with such force, it launches the solid tip out of the barrel at high speeds. Tulkari weaponry is usually highly elaborate, featuring multiple facets and elaborate spikes, reflecting the Thulkari crests.

the queen with plasma rapier.

Name: Queen Tulkari
Age: equivalent to 25
Personality: When in public, she plays the part of the beautiful and gracious queen, but when in private, she shows her true elf as a quirky and bubbly soul. She is oddly wise for her age, but is somewhat impatient with her advisors, furtrated by their parading and lack of concern for the people.
Bio: Raised in the palace since she was born, Thulakri was groomed to be a ruler from birth. She is considered a great beauty, by Thulkari standards, and is constantly turning away suitors. She is missing one forearm, the result of an assassination attempt when she was (Equivalent to) 12. She tries to hide it, but the people see it as a symbol of strength. One of her favorite hobbies is mechanics, and she is often seen in her workshop, wrenching away at some machine or another. She often gets caught up in her work, that she shows up late for various meetings and conferences, infuriating her staff and advisors to no end. If it weren’t for her loyal advisor Yukarko she would never get to any of them at all.

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