Miraculous Prime, Lengendary Guardian of the Elemental Dimensions

He, or, rather I am the protector of the Dimensions. After the Cataclysm defeated the protectors, I was given their powers to defend the dimensions.

Leave your questions, comments, and critiques below!



I would like to critique the fact that you apparently believe your self-MOC to be yourself. wink
Pretty simple and effective; I would recommend putting some HF armor onto the shoulders where the exposed balljoints are, to flesh out the torso. Either that or make the shoulders thinner. Not bad overall!

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I've tried that. The joint is too tight to the torso, and that's a problem that I can't really fix. If you have any other pieces I should add there, please share. And about the Self- MOC being me..... it's obviously not, but it is my SELF-MOC. It's a model after my character, Miraculous Prime, not my actual self. If it's confusing, I can clarify.

It's not confusing at all. It's just my personal preference that people shouldn't act as though their characters are real or actually themselves. Of course, this is very subjective, and you're free to do whatever you want; I'm not gonna control you. smile
Do you have more of the Mahri armor shell that you used on the upper legs? Those attach to balljoints quite nicely.

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YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! I found a way to use them as shoulder guards while also letting the arms move freely. I'll upload photos soon.

Here they are

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Lookin' good!
I'd recommend working a bit on filling in the sides of the torso. The shoulders are certainly improved now, but they are wide while the majority of the torso is thin. It would be great if you would be able to fill in the side/armpit (I guess) areas of the body somehow. It's particularly visible from the front view.

I see what you mean, but I designed it that for a reason. Many MOCs I made before this site existed had a similar design. I just like it that way, and I realize it's not for everyone. I have made MOCs without like Koza. It is sorta my style.

Alright. Torso starts with "T" for a reason, I guess.



You know.

I'm pretty impressed by this. The shoulder pads work well.

Just swap out the Avohkii for a different mask and you'd be set.

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What mask would you recommend?

Any other silver mask.
The Avohkii is cool, but it's massively overused. I think it looks fine here, obviously you're free to change or keep it if you want.

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A dark red mask such as the Huna, the Mistika Hau, or something along those lines, or another silver mask that isn't used on so many Self-MOCs it's not even funny.

(I personally like the mask, but it is a very unoriginal choice, unless you just don't have many other choices)

Sweet baby Nui on ice skates! What do we have here? A TAKANUVA MASK!? DISGRACEFUL!!!!!

But yeah, really cool MOC though.



yeah yeah description whatever blablabla

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Interesting build, but the name is a bit Mary Sue-esque.

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Well done. Particularly on the weapons.