miserax4 M.O.C.s

Hey so from time to time I'll post a M.O.C. here and give it a story. Some of them are kind of bad due to me not giving a max potential of parts. I never fully invested into bionicle but I had a decent amount.

The Name is Xigadon (I know, so original). Anyways, he's based on monster X from Godzilla Final wars. He also uses Witch Doctors Torso and basic limb build. But I just wanted to show this guy of as a homage to Godzilla. I have yet to make a 3 headed dragon form of him (probably won't ever happen). Anyways, I'll get some better pictures in the future.


Fantastic job! That beast looks incredibly threatening, and also massive. Given it's based on the Witch Doctor skeleton I'm not sure how much credit I can give you, but I'm still heavily impressed.

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It's beeaaauuuutifuuuuul.

WOW that looks epic. Great job working the WD skeleton into something fresh.


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wow that MOC is amazing!!!! Great job! i hope you will post more awesome things like that in the future

I definitly like the look, but I cannot take credit for the body design, as the structure is witch doctor's. I have modified it but it has the same internal build minus the connections so I have to thank the witch doctor designers for that (and rightfully so). But again, I do really enjoy the look. Thank you for those encourgaing words. If anyone is curious,this is the Godzilla creature (Monster X) that I had based it off of.


That looks epic!

So this is a revamp of a Toa of Air I had once made. He is currently wearing what I think I'll name Hornet Shell armor. I have yet to name the His newer look has a very Gundam esk design. I kept the original huge shoulder plates and weapons. But watching Gundam Seed recently has made me want to give him rail guns and a hero factory laser rifle and thrusters on his back. He ended up so large for a Toa of Air that I decided, it'll just be his current armor suit. Any idea's on the Toa name?


This is him with all the armor's weapons extended.

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I hope that this little rockets on the shoulder armor would act like dragoon units or funnel units but they just don't look enough like it.

Here is him with his Laser rifle


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And here are all the remaining pics:

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Uh, the mobile uploading is still abit glitchy.

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Last one.


I would say that the way I built the armor gives him extreme posing issues. Because I gave him essencially a Gundam leg design his knee looks like it pops out. And to get it to look good he would be top heavy. This guy suffers from balance issue, mainly standing. It is hard to find a pose that can stand him properly (But this is also because the lime pieces are fragile and break easily and some are already broken). Other than that he also appears too wide and looks like Movie Starscream. I did plan to use this armor type on a starscream like character after this character. It is also difficult to hold this character as his side railguns definitly get in the way. But hey, this was cool to build.


Gimme gimme gimme!!