Mistress of Light

born from the first instant of light,bursting forth in to exstance from the great void.the second oldest of the three.TABITHA: MISTRESS OF LIGHT!


Eh....where are the pictures?

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no idea how to post them.

If you are on a computer there is a button with the shape of an arrow pointing up and a rectangle below it, then select files and you're ready to go.

If you are on mobile on the right bottom corner ther is a button "upload" select your photos and there you go.

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Gonna have to close this until you have pics; @White_Rainbow's directions should be helpful with that. :smile: PM me or one of the other mods once you've got the pics uploaded and we'll reopen this.

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Topic reopened!

thanks.that helped a lot.


Glad to help. And now unto the review.

Well the thing is the build is ok, but this doesn't look like light, it looks more stoneish. The trans blue and neon green clash badly, the build isn't half bad but eh


what you mean neon green? I only used Varese shades of yellow and trans-yellow with black as accents. the blue is there only because this is the only golden protecter mask i have.

I meant the trans neon green, and yeah the shades of yellow clash a lot too

again,what neon green? and i would have used the same solid shade of yellow if i had it.

The one used on bones and flames, that's the trans neon green

then what would be trans-yellow? please give an example.

Trans yellow would be the color included in waspix from HF, that color you used is the same as Pohatu's which is trans neon green.

Pretty nice. I only have a few problems with it.

First off, doesn't look feminine in the slightest. I'm not saying go all out in that department, but it needs more female proportions to be a "Mistress of Light".

Second, there's a gap between the chest armor and the abdomen armor that looks awkward. I am also not a fan of the hand pieces there used to holster the swords. And from what I can tell, there's a long axle on the hip piece that doesn't serve any purpose other than being part of the hip construction, so I would shorten that one.

The burnt orange mask doesn't fit either.

Regardless, I still like the look of it, it's just some smaller build issues and the name that doesn't fit the build, but it's certainly impressive in some of these poses!


Those colors are everywhere.

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thanks.first of: i have no idea how to create a female build.i went with the same concept behind gali: mistress of water and she doesn't look female.the gap is to allow wast articulation,also i don't like using the black hand pieces but in order to attach the catana to the wast it couldn't be helped.if you have any other ideas pleas let me know.the axle was only for the use of the stand i used in this photo shoot.it isn't part of the build,there is a shorter axle that is in standard use.the mask was the only one that hade trans neon green in it to mach the reast of .....the trans neon green.