Mixel MOC: Werechomp

Are there any Mixel MOCs out there?

Although I'm not fully accustom to working with system, I do occasionally MOC with it. This little fella was designed for LEGO Magazines Mixel contest last summer, and though I wasn't one of the winners I thought I would show you guys the MOC itself.

BUT FIRST......................... a bio

Name: Werechomp (Hey, it was the best I could come up with)

Tribe: Fang Gang

Powers: Glow in the dark eyes, ability to level forests and mountains in seconds, and a howl that scares away Nixels.

Home: Large hut with patches and holes in it (from accidentally eating it).

Bio: A productive Fang Gang member with mysterious and uncontrollable eating habits, Werechomp will help his comrades in any way, from leveling anything in the groups path, to scaring hordes of Nixels away with his ferocious teeth and howl. However at night he just can’t get enough food, eating whole forests away and yet still being hungry. He uses his glow in the dark eyes to help him navigate the night for food. He lives in a hut that is coated in patches from accidentally eating his house.

Yeah the bottom teeth are not like the top, but I couldn't figure out a way to incorporate the same teeth on the bottom without ruining the look of the lower jaw.

BTW this MOC has been taken apart, but I will appreciate feedback!


nice wolf moc. Really adorable

also there have been Mixel mocs. In particular @Nyran's self Mixel and a few other creations


I like Mixels MOCs!

May I present to you, the Self-Mixel topic? C:

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9.5/10. This is really gr8!

How!? This looks great!

Whoever's editing the title, please stop. Its fine as MOC, not Krongiwongi, not MOCasin, just leave it as 'MOC'. I'm all up for fun and games but this is just annoying.

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What's a MOCcasin?

As someone who is indifferent to mixels, this is decent.
Good job.