MM-ized Shaded

So here’s this entity. I don’t really know why I made her, I just kinda had this thought to make a really lanky moc pop up into my head, but while building it I realized that I both had no idea what head to use, and that it surprisingly reminded me of some different version of Shaded… and then the idea for an MM head popped into place.

Now onto her bio and stuff!
MM Shaded is very similar to her counterpart, quiet, curious, watching and learning from the actions of those she sees, and those she chooses to reveal herself to. A being you’d expect to only exist in legends and stories.

She speaks in chirps, clicks and chitter’s of an unknown language, yet her point usually gets across, her general use of movements helping with such, and the fact that she can speak, if with a quiet, ghostly, nigh-shadow-like tone to her voice.

Now, when it comes to her powers that’s where she greatly differs from Discordic-Shaded.
Where Discordic-Shaded has her odd fog powers, MM-Shaded has more darkness based powers, being able to deepen/blend her form to the shadows she stands in, only her white eyes glow visible, to being able to near instantaneously move between shadow locations only makes her myth-status increase, even counting the reports of those she’s revealed herself to.

Perhaps there is a reason to her hiding, a shyness she doesn’t visibly express, all that’s known is that until one manages to drag her from her shadows, help cure that potential shyness of hers, she will forever remain as no more than a being perceived as myth.

She’s also another entity I didn’t create, nor truly know of in my own ‘canon’, any other comics/places she may show up are either false-versions of her made from the tales or her herself, just exploring and expressing her curiosity.

She speaks in black…

Mini-mayhems were created by Toa-Shifter

‘Beast’ mode

So as you can see she has more than just her shadow powers as a difference to Discordian Shaded.

Due to her lankiness and flexibility she can basically twist her legs in such a way that she can run around in a quadrupedal form, usually used for fleeing or intimidation of unsavory entities she wishes to be gone.

Pose & Quote:

Pose & Quote - 1: Dangerous curiosity

“Huh… Well you’re an odd looking thing now than aren’t you?”

“… Chirp.