MNOG3D - Has anybody tried v0.10?

Has anybody tried it yet? I did, it looks awesome! Also, I'm excited for the story, 'cause it takes place between the Mask of light, and the return to Metru-nui! opinions?

I will

I wanted to try it, but it won't run on my 32bit computer frowning.

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I might record a gameplay tomorow, not sure if i will have the time to do so

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I've attempted to download it, but my browser keeps saying it's malware confused

It said me too, but then i just skipped it

Probably not going to get it since I wasn't much of a fan of the first 2. On second thought maybe I'll try it.

Woah. ut's amazing. Question: has anybody found Nokama, or is she not in this version?

She's not in it yet

that explains it

There will be (probably) an update in a month, cause most of the matorans say that "come back in a month!"

I'm sorry, did you just say MatoranS?

Matoran is both singular and plural. So is Toa.


Haven't tried it yet. Might, might not. I'd rather wait until the finalish product and not have to update every time.



They just released a 32 bit version this morning, I believe, so just download the windows one and it should be there.

I thought this wasn't available yet... but I was wrong.

Now there are 4 MNOG's out there. I, I.V, II, and III. I never could beat MNOG II, but I love the two fan ones, and can't wait to play this one.

Ooh, didn't know that, thanks ^^


I saw this
I will try this now


I've tried this before, in fact I have this still downloaded on my computer. I sure hope they make another village...